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Felt Cleaning Segments
  • • Felt segments are based upon a millennial technique using lamb's wool as their raw material. Felt was first used in prehistoric times, although since the industrial revolution, it has been manufactured in large industrial machines generally using a mix of synthetic fibres as well as wool, with a dry method involving needles that repeatedly grab the top layer of fibres and tangle them with the inner layers of fibres as the needle enters the wool, forming fabric layers.       

    Felt Cleaning Segments are manufactured mainly with wool. If observed under a microscope, we notice that the fibres are formed by small scales covering their entire epidermis. By taking advantage of this feature, we treat the fibres (with bonding, heat fusion, dissolution or mechanical press) so that these small scales become entangled forming a network that results in a very resistant fabric.   

    Intended for use in the marble and stonework matt-honing process.

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