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130mm Artificial Aging Wheel / AGING / Abrasives -- Abrasivos Novelda

Abrasives / AGING / 130mm Artificial Aging Wheel

Table of equivalences

  • A.N    16 24 36 45 60 80 100 120 150 180 220 320 360 400 500 600 800 1000 1200 1500

  • FEPA  16 24 30 46 60 80 100 120 150 180 220 240 280 400 500 600 800 1000 1200 1500

130mm Artificial Aging Wheel
  • The denomination "Aged marble" refers to a number of different types of stonework. In addition to real marble, a metamorphic stone made of calcium, other stones referred to as aged marble can also be made from materials such as limestone, travertine, quartz and granite. All aged stones are characterised by a rough, aged look finish. They are porous and there may be very high variations between pieces. Aged travertine tends to have a more rustic appearance than marble due to its rustic natural state. Aged quartzite may have a more glossy aspect with multiple quartz and mica markings, while aged limestone tends to have a smoother finish.   

    For this variation, our artificial aging wheels feature a high concentration of silicon carbide and diamond bristles providing ideal flexibility to achieve the desired effect with a high performance. 

    Obtained following a fully automated manufacturing process ensuring  consistent uniform quality. 

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