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Floor crystallising solutions -- Abrasivos Novelda

Floor crystallising solutions

Crystallisation is a treatment applied to marble, terrazzo and granite floors.

Limestone floors, such as marble and terrazzo, are very elegant when kept in good conditions. However, due to their particular characteristics, they are prone to wear and tear as well as surface scratching, which can make them look neglected. These types of floors are affected by footfall, and particularly when dragging heavy objects. As wear and tear is more evident in areas with heavier footfall, it results in a clear contrast between these and other less busy areas. Although this type of floors does not deteriorate with use, there is a maintenance method called crystallisation which creates a transparent, glossy layer on top resembling a mirror, which enhances their beauty and protects it from wear and tear. This is because all damage is actually caused to the top layer, which can be renewed as many times as required, depending on the crystallisation frequency and the floor usage levels. During the crystallisation process, we use a rotary machine equipped with steel wool and a crystallising solution. The process begins by de-coating and deeply cleansing the floor in order to eliminate all dirt and residues from previous polishings. Following, we continue with the floor crystallisation process itself, by spraying small amounts of crystallising solution on the floor and working the solution with a rotary machine equipped with the most suitable steel wool roll for that type of floor. The steel wool is spun under the rotary machine's weight and the solution is crystallised due to the friction and the corresponding temperature generated. This type of work is carried out over small sections of floor in order to ensure that the solution can be worked before it dries.

Abrasivos Novelda supplies a range of floor crystallisation products as shown below.