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Floor crystallising solutions / Floor crystallisation / COLOUR ENHANCER

  • This fluid was designed to protect, enhance the colour, repel water, remove micro cracking and increase shine and veining in any type of marble.
    It works by strengthening the natural stone's surface, thus preventing it from absorbing dirt through its pores,
    while improving the surface quality and preventing colour fading.
    It is also weather resistant.

    Features Instructions for use:
    Please make sure that the surface to be treated is clean and dry before applying the colour enhancer for natural stone. Surfaces must be absolutely free from dust or grease. Apply the product with a lint and thread free cloth avoiding the accumulation of fluid in certain areas. Supplied in 1 litre bottles. Delivery period 7/10 days.
    Self shine soaking fluid that intensifies the natural stone colour while sealing the surface and providing a "wet" shine effect on any type of marble and granite. Especially indicated for façade restoration and vertical surfaces.
    Instructions for use:
    Please make sure that the surface is clean and dry. Do not mix or dilute with other products. Apply on surfaces using a cloth that has been properly soaked in the product and leave to dry. A roller or paintbrush may be used in walls and large surfaces for a faster application. After only a few minutes, the treated areas will achieve a durable wet shine effect.

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