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Floor crystallising solutions / Floor crystallisation / MASTICS


    • Mastic is a filler providing a perfectly smooth surface by filling pores, along with concavities, craters, cracks, fissures, dents and other imperfections. Sanding is employed to achieve a flat, aesthetically pleasing surface finish. Mastic does not provide any protective or other specific functions to improve the properties of the surface to which it is applied. Only levels and restors small surface areas.
    Mastics must have the following characteristics:
    • Adherence -  must have excellent adherence to metals, plastics, coats of paint, and other surfaces to which it is applied and this is why a mastic must be chosen that is compatible with and adheres to the corresponding surface.
    • Fill-in capability – the  mastic must have a very good fill-in ability, the thickness before curing must be equal to the thickness after curing, as its principal functions are to fill in and repair.
    • Elasticity –the mastic must be capable of withstanding vibration and dynamic loads on the veneer, along with sudden temperature changes, preventing cracks, peeling mastic and coats of paint.
    • Easy sanding - since the mastic is caulked after application to obtain the required pore surface together with adherence for the following paint processes.
    • Low porosity - when dry, the mastic must not have excessive porosity.
    • Strength - must provide both mechanical strength and chemical resistance against external effects such as impacts, degreasing agents etc.

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