This liquid product is designed to protect, intensify color, water repel, eliminate microcracks and enhance shine and veins in any marble.

Consolidates the surface of the natural stone avoiding the absorption of dirt through the pores.

It improves the quality of the surface and prevents the loss of color of the same.

Resists the aggressive action of atmospheric agents.

Features How to use:

Before applying this color intensifier for natural stone, clean and dry the surface to be treated. This must be completely free of dust or grease. Spread the product with a cloth that does not release threads or lint and avoid the accumulation of product in areas. It is supplied in containers of 1 Liter. Delivery time 7/10 days.

Self-glossing impregnation that intensifies the natural colors of the stone, sealing the surface and providing a bright "wet" effect on any type of marble and granite. Especially recommended for restoration of facades and vertical surfaces.

How to use:

The surface should be clean and dry. Do not mix or dilute with other products. Apply to the surface using a cloth properly impregnated with the product and let dry. On walls and large surfaces a roller or brush can be used for faster application. In a few minutes the treated surface will acquire a long-lasting wet appearance.

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